Zack and Mack Hold Watch

Mrs. Big Kahuna and myself are back from our fairs. The last fair for both of us was the Washington Station Fair. I then travelled down to Fresno as their Voice of the Fair for about two weeks. Zack and Mack, our two-headed turtle stayed with Mrs. Big Kahuna to guard the front door.

Our property dodged two massive wild fires this summer and fall. The first being the Wall Fire and the last one was the La Porte Fire. Both times mandatory evacuation calls were made to our land line by the Sheriff's Department.

During the La Porte Fire, Mrs. Big Kahuna rigged up sprinklers to fallen trees that had dried out over the heat of the summer. Luckily, wind direction played in our favor and the fires stayed a bit south of us. Unfortunately many lost their homes in both the Wall and La Porte Fires. Four lost their lives in the last one. And, of course, at the same time the destructive fires also hit the city of Santa Rosa, burning everything it could in its path. Lives were lost and so far, untold amounts of property damage